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Looking for a Meal Deal? 

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We make everything fresh on the day and start delivering from approximately 2pm, usually finishing around 5.30pm. These times are very approximate as our routes and number of orders change daily


If you are waiting for your delivery and would like to contact us, please CALL 07829 757513 as we can’t respond to emails or social media posts whilst driving ;) If we can’t answer we will get back to you very quickly


We deliver daily but you only pay the delivery charge once, cos we’re nice like that!




All our food is made fresh, cooked, and then blast chilled before delivery


You therefore do not have to worry about any raw ingredients in your meals, you are simply reheating


All dishes cook at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes, depending on your oven. When it’s golden & bubbling hot, you’re good to go!


All meals can be frozen



Mama Panda and Chef Bear live and work together (ridiculous people!) and it is only ever us two working in our premises


No one is allowed into our premises without prior arrangement and even then are only allowed inside the door, whilst we are over 5 metres away in the kitchen


We come to work, cook, deliver, and go home


If we have to go to the supermarket we go maximum once a week, just before closing when it's quiet, and are of course following all social distancing rules


We have always had 5* ratings for all our catering outlets and have upped our cleaning schedules even further - we are some of the lucky ones with hand sanitiser too

When we need another driver it is Mama Panda’s brother who we call on


We all live in the same multi-generational home and are all fit (ish!) and healthy


We do a ‘knock & drop’ delivery service so do not come into contact with our clients


We sanitise our hands before and after every delivery and always have lots of sanitiser in our car


Please place all orders via this website otherwise Mama Panda’s head explodes trying to collate orders from fb, insta, carrier pigeon... any quesitons though, just email –

Once your order is placed, we will send you payment details for transfer


Understandably, we cannot accept cash at this time. Thank you



Please (Panda) bear with us. As with many local businesses, we’ve had to adapt extremely quickly to this new climate and are trying our best to bring you the best of home-cooked food, as quickly as we can. As mentioned above, we are a tiny team from one household and will remain as such for as long as this pandemic continues, so we can guarantee our safety and your food’s safety


We wish you and your loved ones well and thank you so much for your continued support of us, and all other local businesses, during these uncertain times


Much love,

Team Panda XXX

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