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I'm Emily - aka Mama Panda - and would like to thank you for visiting our delicious little website!


Pink Panda was born out of a passion for travel, Asian culture, music, colour & my obsession with cookbooks.


Here's the Panda Story so far...

I’ve always had the travel bug and gravitated towards Asia every time I went away. The colours, sights, smells and - of course - tastes, spellbound me...


Whilst living in Australia, the food truck revolution began and I realised there was another way to work in food that wouldn't involve classical chef training. So, when I returned to roost in Jersey, I noticed a huge gap in the market for quality street-food, particularly of the Vietnamese variety. 


By pure chance a beautiful Citroen HY Foodtruck was available right here on 'The Rock' and as soon as I clapped eyes on Priscilla, I had to have her. Within two days of completion we did our first event and I was hooked - The Pink Panda Van was in business!


Within seven months, I'd waved goodbye to office life and was a full-time caterer - quite a shock for the friends and fam - but with every successful event and delighted client, I knew

I had found the right crazy path for me.


After two happy & busy years spent on the PPV, another chance opportunity arose and I soon found myself the proud owner of Cafe Panda! Here we shook up the town offering with delicious & interesting food from around the globe, using seasonal and local produce as much as possible, as well as binning off single use plastic.

And then along came Justin...


Justin is a Jersey Boy who shipped off to London to train under the likes of Marco Pierre White & Nico Ladenis, leading him to work in 1-3 Michelin star establishments around the world - from Dublin to Antigua, via South Africa. He also consulted on, launched, and ran high-end restaurants including The Ivy Collection chain, Tanner & Co and High Timber in London.


On returning to Jersey, a sneaky introduction by a mutual friend led to a foodie friendship which blossomed into bear love and then a powerhouse partnership in the kitchen. Justin - now officially known as Chef Bear - brings all his years of experience and classical training to Mama P's self-taught, street-food style, giving them a uniquely delicious spin on things which their loyal (and ever-growing) customer base adore.

Come and join the Panda Party!

Much love,

Mama Panda & Chef Bear


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Panda Love x

Travel + Food = Love


The only Pink Panda in Jersey xx

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